Coaching 1-on-1

Personalised coaching on negotiations

Difficult negotiations; it can really cost you your night’s sleep. In these times it is nice to know that you can fall back on someone who helps you to smoothen things out. With my many years of experience in the field of negotiation, I know all the tricks of the trade and also the games that are played at the negotiation table. I’d like to teach them all to you. I will personally coach you before or during the ongoing negotiations. To help you smoothen the process. And more importantly: you know for sure you are not going to lose out.

What can you expect?

  • Personalised coaching as much as you need

  • Together we will solve your challenge

  • Either I teach you how to negotiate or I’ll do it for you

  • I guarantee a good result; no results no pay

What my customers say

Want to know how I work?

Every situation is unique and therefore requires its own, unique approach. It is always important to study all available information carefully. Based on this, you can determine your plan of action by means of good preparation.

The challenge

Sleepless nights

My customer told me he was in a tough negotiation with a major client that had been going on for 8 months. It took so much energy that it had left him sleepless for months. We scheduled an appointment to discuss his specific situation.

The solution

After an hour's conversation and another half-hour telephone follow-up, we agreed on how we were going to run the negotiation. With success! Within 2 days my customer had taken over the negotiation and within a week the other party had already transferred the money. A great result!

The challenge

Game of power

Through a customer I was put in contact with someone who was in a tough negotiation with an investment company. This group of people had a share in the company of the person I was going to support. He was desperate because he felt tremendous pressure to sell his shares, but he didn’t want to.

The solution

After a thorough analysis it turned out that the negotiation turned into a power game in which there was constant pressure to make concessions again and again. The perception of power lay with the investment company, but the real power was with my customer. When we clarified this, the whole tone of the negotiation changed. A negotiation that had been going on for more than a year was completed in a month, with both parties separating on good terms.

Stuck in a difficult negotiation?
I will personally guide you to a successful result.