The secret to sales?

Learn to think like a buyer.

  • More sales

  • More profit

  • Satisfied customers

Selling to procurement

1-day in-company training

Effective negotiation

2-days in-company training


Personalised coaching on negotiations

How well do you know the buyer?

As a sales professional you deal with professional buyers all the time. Professional buyers know very well what they want and how to achieve it. The buyer’s stronger position means that margins are under pressure. How do you deal with this as a sales professional? How do you ensure that you achieve your targets? I have an answer to that: learn to think like a buyer. If you know what strategy a buyer applies and why, you can always stay one step ahead of the buyer in the negotiation process. And I am happy to help you with exactly that.

Every training has to pay for itself.
At least 10 times over.

All trainings are in-company. In Dutch or English, whatever suits you best. I work with small groups of 4 to 8 colleagues. This way, we ensure the right dynamics and the confidentiality necessary for a training to pay off. In fact, ten times your investment. There is a reason why my company is called ROI-10. Learning to think like a buyer pays off. That’s a guarantee.


How can I help you achieve your sales targets?

About me

Mark Schenkius

With almost 20 years of experience in procurement and negotiating, I dare say out loud that I am an expert. I know how buyers think and what strategies they apply. I am happy to make that knowledge and experience available to sales professionals. Why? Because I have seen a shift taking place in the playing field where the power in the relationship is now in favour of the buyers. With my training and guidance, I want to ensure more balance at the negotiating table.

A different perspective on sales

Are you also fed up with margins under increasing pressure or business being lost because you fail to convince the buyer? Choose a different approach. Selling by telling does not work. Learn to put yourself in the shoes of the other. The buyer. In my book “The Other Side of Sales” I guide you through the mysterious world of the buyer and the buying strategies that are applied. Especially for you, I have summarized the 10 most important insights.

Recieve the 10 most important insights from my book ‘The Other Side of Sales’.

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