The Other Side of Sales

Whether it is in sports, in games or business, the ones who are most successful are often the ones who know how to think like their opponent. And especially in the continuously evolving world of buying and selling, will these insights truly make the difference.

Want to put an end to lost sales or decreasing margins? Re-think the relationship with your buyer.

In ‘The Other Side of Sales’ author Mark Schenkius crosses over to the other side of the table and shares his secrets from almost two decades of experience in negotiations and procurement.

Packed with new content, fresh insights and a unique set of 47 questions, this book is undeniably a game-changer for any sales professional.

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Follow up trainings

Sometimes you want to go a step further with your personal development or you run into problems that you do not have a direct solution to. These 3 trainings help you to become more effective and successful in your role.

Partnering for Success

Partnering for success

How can you build a real relationship between a customer and a supplier? One where there is 100% mutual trust and where you work on common goals. Not easy, but certainly not impossible



The art of a good tender or auction is a real profession. Ask your suppliers how much difference there is between one or the other. A professional tender or auction is guaranteed to deliver better results

Stakeholder Management

Stakeholder Management

Sometimes it is difficult to get everyone in the same direction. If only you know how to do this in an ethical way. The impact will be faster and better results than you’ve ever dreamed possible